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Craft vendor application is closed.

Interested in being a food vendor? Apply here!


For Sponsorship opportunities, please contact:


Have a question about your ticket order or have an issue with your wristband ? Please contact Frontgate Tickets here.


Interested in helping spread the word about Seven Peaks? Stay tuned for the street team application. Questions? Send us an email at:


For Press inquiries, including photo credential requests, please contact:
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Please check out our FAQ section. Still need help?
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Covid-19 Info

Currently, there are no COVID-19 entry protocols for Seven Peaks 2022.

How do I sign up to receive news about Seven Peaks Festival?

To sign up for festival updates, go to our homepage here on our website and sign up in the upper right-hand corner of the page where it says “Email Signup”. Once you sign up, you’ll get announcements, presale information, and updates sent directly to your inbox!

When can I buy passes & camping?

Passes & camping are on sale now! Head over to our passes page.

I bought a GA Pass, when will I receive it?

Passes are now shipping out!

Can I come on site & sell stuff?

Only approved and licensed vendors are allowed to sell “stuff” on site.

I don't want to camp. Can I just commute and park each day?

Sure can! If you purchase your parking ahead of time, you’ll save a little cash.

When will we know what time the artists are performing?

Visit the Schedule page on our website to view show times for the festival. Door times are 2 pm every day of the festival.

What are the ADA accommodations in the festival?

There are ADA viewing platforms available at each stage. This platform is reserved at all times for people with mobility impairments plus one companion. Please note this area has limited capacity and is available first come, first served. For any questions please email!

Is there an age limit?

Nope, we welcome all ages to Seven Peaks!

Children 6 and under get into our General Admission area for free but must have a purchased VIP pass to enter our VIP area.

I have questions about my ticket order. Who do I contact?

Please contact FrontGate Tickets here, and they will be able to assist you with your ticket order or account information.

Can I leave and re-enter the festival site?

Yes, you can come and go as much as you please.

What time does everything start for the weekend?

All schedules will be released a little closer to the festival date. Stay tuned to our website and social pages for the latest updates. Don’t forget to also sign up for our newsletter on our homepage!

Need a sign language interpreter?

We are happy to tend to the needs of our ADA patrons. If you’d like a sign language interpreter, all requests must be received at


What time do the campgrounds open and close?

Campgrounds open at 9am starting Friday, and close at noon on Monday. You can purchase even earlier access to your campground on our camping passes page.

Are there showers in the campgrounds and do they cost anything?

It varies. For more info about shower access for specific campgrounds, visit our camping passes page.

I want to camp next to my friends. Can I reserve a campsite for them?

Camping sites are allocated as patrons arrive. Spaces cannot be held or reserved for any reason. If you would like to camp next to your friends, you will all need to arrive together.

So I really can't save a spot for my friend? What if I show both camping passes when I arrive?

No. Both cars have to arrive together in order to camp next to each other.

Is alcohol allowed in the campgrounds?

As long as you are of age, alcohol is permitted within the confines of your individual campsite.

Can I have a vehicle on my campsite and what is the parking policy in the campgrounds?

Our general rule is one steering-wheel per campsite (example: a self-driving camping unit or car). Any additional vehicles would need to have an Overnight parking pass. Parking may be purchased upon arrival to the festival or ahead of time on our camping passes page.

Can I bring a golf cart with me?

No, due to safety reasons and traffic, we cannot allow golf carts or other personal vehicles in the campgrounds.

I have a camper. Which campground should I choose?

You can camp in any campground other than Tent Only and Glamping campgrounds.

Can I use a generator at my campsite?

You can! Campsites are very close together, so we request that all festival campers be considerate of their camping neighbors when utilizing a generator. To avoid excessive amounts of carbon monoxide and noise, please “pipe up” internal generators. This will allow the exhaust to be released above the RV and not into your neighbors camping area. If you are utilizing a free-standing generator, a “muffler box” would contain the noise and direct exhaust away from campers. Quiet generators are preferred by your fellow campers. Generators are the responsibility of their owners and should not interfere with surrounding campers. Ventilator kits preferred.

Do I need a festival wristband in order to camp?

Yes, everyone must have a festival wristband in order to enter campground areas.

How many people can I have at my campsite?

We allow as many people as can comfortably fit within the confines of your designated site unless otherwise noted in the campground description on our camping page.

I’d like to get to my campsite on Thursday vs Friday. How can I purchase an early entry pass?

Go to our Camping page on this website, and scroll down to the Add Ons selections to purchase early camping.

Can I bring my dog with me?

*No. Please leave Fido and all other pets at home. It’s not that we don’t love them–it’s that we want them to stay safe at home! *SERVICE ANIMALS are allowed.

What do I do with my car if I'm staying with friends who are camping?

You will need to purchase an overnight parking pass.

Can I have a campfire? What about a barbecue?

No charcoal or open fires are permitted. Small camp stoves and small propane barbecues will be permitted if there are no local fire bans that in effect during the festival.

What about a propane fire pit?

No open fires are permitted at all.

Do you have electric hookups for RVs?

We have powered camping available! Check out our camping passes page to learn more about our Big Rig Powered campground.

How many tents can I have on my campsite?

As many as you wish as long as it all fits within your camping space. This excludes tent only campground where you can only have one tent per site.


I bought a wristband, when will I receive it?

Wristbands are now shipping out!

What happens if I lose or break my wristband?

We cannot replace any lost or broken wristbands for any reason. When you receive your wristband in the mail, please be sure to put it in a safe spot. Do not tamper with it or try it on, as these wristbands do not loosen once tightened.

Can I slide my wristband off and give it to my friend to use?

No. Once you put on your wristband at the festival, it will need to be on tight enough that it does not slide off.

I saw someone selling print-at-home tickets. Are they "legit"?

Nope. Be wary when buying passes anywhere other than the official Seven Peaks Festival website and/or Frontgate Tickets.

Do I need to purchase my festival passes at the same time I purchase camping?

No, you do not need to purchase both at the same time. You may purchase camping and come back to purchase your festival pass later (or vice versa). While supplies last.

Can I buy a single day pass?

We currently are not selling single day passes.

I have questions about my ticket order. Who do I contact?

Please contact FrontGate Tickets and they will be able to assist you with your ticket order or account information.


Are there any restrictions as to what I can bring into the venue?

Attendees are NOT permitted to bring any of the items listen below into the venue:

Any beverages aside from: one (1) 20oz factory sealed bottle of water.
Glass Bottles or Cans
Zoom Lens Cameras
Coolers or Large Bags
Illegal Substances – Yes, this includes marijuana
Laser Pointers
Animals (except service animals)
Recorders (audio or video) Go pros included
Selfie Sticks
Aerosol Cans
Drones – Drones are strictly prohibited from all of the festival grounds as well as campgrounds.
Large chairs

Rules are subject to change without notice. Everyone entering the campground or Festival grounds will be subject to a search.

What CAN I bring into the festival?

– Strollers
– Disposable cameras
– Small camera with no detachable zoom lens or flash
– (1) factory sealed (or empty) bottle of water up to 1 gallon
– (1) Small (1 gallon) clear bag of snacks.
– Low-profile beach style chair and bag chairs – Reminder: No chairs are allowed in VIP
– Camel baks (1.5-liter, empty)
– small 6 pack soft sided cooler (if used for medical use only)
– Sunscreen (non-aerosol)

Small bags, backpacks, and fanny packs are welcome inside the festival venue as long as they are clear and are 12”x6”x12” or smaller. Hydration packs (i.e. camelbaks) that are 1.5L or smaller and clutch purses/wallets/fanny packs that are 4.5”x6.5” or smaller do not have to be clear.

*All containers and bags are subject to inspection.

What time do gates open?

Gates open at 2 pm each day.

Can I come and go from the festival site?

Yes, you are more than welcome to come and go from the festival site!

Can I bring in my medical prescription and/or diabetic insulin inside the venue?

You can, but you must advise the security guard at the gate to avoid confiscation. They will call medics to assist you.

Why can't I bring an umbrella?

They are a crowd nuisance and a poking hazard that obscure the view of the people behind them.

Do you sell alcohol?

Yes we do for folks who are 21 and older. Just make sure to bring a valid photo ID!

Is there Wifi?

There is no public wifi on site. Put the phone down, and enjoy the awesome views around you!

Can I bring in marijuana?

In accordance with Colorado law, marijuana use will not be permitted at Seven Peaks Festival.  Marijuana is intended for private, personal use and such use is only legal in certain locations not open or accessible to the public. In order for Seven Peaks Festival to a successful annual event, we expect guests to behave in a manner that is respectful to other guests, staff and emergency service providers; to be good neighbors to those who live and work in the area; to be kind and helpful to each other; and to obey laws and Festival rules including those that pertain to illegal drugs, marijuana and alcohol. Uncooperative or persistent offenders will be removed from the venue and their wristbands will be revoked.